News, Updates and Other things that do not fit anywhere else

25 Jun 2001:Hillsville on your mind? It is mine. Have you gotten your reservations yet? Don't wait until the last minute, go get them here

21 Mar 2001:Hard on the heels of the last celebrity we end up with yet another Hobbs-related news item. click here to find out what is going on.

21 Mar 2001: We have a celebrity in the family Although not named in the article, he is one of the six employees in this article in the Washington Post. More information as he is allowed to give. Send Rick (Lisa's husband) an 'atta boy' via e-mail and tell him what a great job he's doing. Dan

7 Mar 2001: Still no feedback. Does anyone like/dislike/abhor/love the look? Hate mail would even be better than no mail telling me what you think at all. Please give feedback either through e-mail or via the messageboard.
Thank you

28 Feb 2001: PICTURES Pt. II Here they are. There is almost all the ones I have from Dad on here now. If you have more or would like to make comments (snide or otherwise) to be put onto the page with the pics, please do so and I'll put them up there.

27 Feb 2001: PICTURES!!, we have pictures. At the bottom of the family page, there are two arrows, one forward and one back. These will take you around to all the pics for the family. As I get the other people's in, these will be on their pages as well.

25 Feb 2001: The pictures that Don sent are in the process of being scanned in. Until that happens, I cannot put them on here. As are the rest of you, I am waiting patiently to put them on. Until then, do know that you can write me and I'll put up any information and musings you would care to have on the internet onto our pages.

12 Feb 2001: We have a link!!! In order to have your site listed in some of the family engine type search engines, you have to put a link to the page on your page. Well, here's our first.

11 Feb 2001: I think I have the message board fixed. I did not like the way it brought up homepages inside the big frame (this one) so I fiddled around with the perl script. It now works. I have changed the date format in messages as well so there is not that extra ":" in the date on messages.

8 Feb 2001: UPS was successfully installed. Now the connection should be more stable. Randy sent in the picture on the front page. I will clean up the names on the bottom and make them readable in its smaller size sometime this weekend.

6 Feb 2001: Notice: Dad's electicity goes in and out. I have to pick up an Uninterruptable Power Supply for the machine that routes all these connections around Dad's house. If you find you cannot connect to this website, be patient, I'm working on it. --Dan

UPDATE: Someone other than those I can pester in person actually WROTE!!! Go on to the message board and leave your own message. I've got it started. I do need some help keeping it current and updated though. Send (mail, e-mail, carrier pigeon, etc) me whatever you care for the world to see.